Johann Senn

1795 (Pfunds, Austria) – 1857 (Innsbruck)

Although he was a couple of years older, Senn was at the same school as Schubert (Senn was expelled); they probabvly first met there. As students they were close drinking friends. In the politically-repressive times that coincided with their twenties, Senn was under police attention as a probable subversive; on one famous occasion, Schubert and Bruchmann were arrested with him in his rooms, the two getting off with a caution and a black eye for Schubert, while Senn was jailed for 14 months without trial and banished. Senn’s poem set as the Schwanengesang is rated among the great Schubert songs.

Johannes Baader

1875 (Stuttgart, Germany) – 1955 (Schloss Adelsdorf)

Baader met Hausmann in Berlin in 1905, a friendship prefiguring the Berlin Dada scene by a decade. Huelsenbeck, Grosz and Baader naïvely sent a telegram to d’Annunzio (whom they did not know). Baader was introduced by Hausmann to Richter, and was present with Heartfield, Herzfelde, Hausmann, Huelsenbeck and Grosz at most Berlin Dada meetings and events. Along with Huelsenbeck and Hausmann, he travelled to Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Prague and Teplice to spread the Dada message.