Thomas Henry Huxley

T. H. Huxley

1825 (Ealing, England) – 1895 (Eastbourne)

Hooker and Tyndall were close lifelong friends, met during Huxley’s twenties as a rising scientific star. Hooker and Huxley later became Darwin’s strongest and most trusted supporters (Darwin’s strongest advocates abroad, Haeckel and Gray, were also linked to Huxley: Haeckel and he were mutual admirers and lively correspondents, while Gray met him on a visit to England). Owen was an antagonistic rival (probably the two greatest anatomists of their time, Huxley emerging a clear winner). Wells was a protégé. Helmholtz was a guest at Huxley’s scientific dining club: Tyndall, Frankland, Spencer and Hooker were all regular members.