John Muir

1838 (Dunbar, Scotland) – 1914 (Los Angeles)

Ridgway and Curtis accompanied Muir on an Alaskan expedition. Muir’s former professor brought Agassiz, Emerson, Torrey, Le Conte and Tyndall to visit him in his Yosemite cabin. Agassiz recognised his enlightened understanding of glaciation theory, then still controversial. Le Conte became a co-founder of the Sierra Club, photographed Muir and Theodore Roosevelt striking out together, and died on an outing in Yosemite led by Muir. Muir placed flowers on his hero Emerson’s grave (also Thoreau’s), and led Hooker and Gray on an expedition to Mt. Shasta. Watkins was a friend; his famous Yosemite images predate Muir’s first visit.