Gustave Flaubert

1821 (Rouen, France) – 1880 (Rouen)

Flaubert was highly regarded by many younger realist writers: Zola, Daudet, the Goncourts and Maupassant (a disciple, whom he badgered to work harder) all met regularly to eat and talk together. Turgenev (introduced by Sainte-Beuve) was also among this circle of friends, and introduced James, who thought Flaubert’s emotional development had stopped at the time of his first epileptic fit. Hugo, more an acquaintance, was a literary influence. Du Camp was a lifelong friend; Flaubert caught syphilis when they dallied in Beirut. Sand (as well as Turgenev) conducted a great and intimate correspondence with him.

Gustave Flaubert knew…