Alexander Rodchenko

Aleksandr Mihailovich Rodchenko;Alexandre Rodtschenko;Alexander Rodtschenko

1891 (St. Petersburg) – 1956 (Moscow)

Rodchenko was a true pioneer in several fields of art and design. He became Tatlin’s energetic protégé in the bubbling cauldron of the Moscow art-scene, and shot films directed by another strong influence, Vertov, who shared his enthusiasm for revolutionary politics and culture. Exter, Popova and the Stenbergs were Constructivist associates; Shostakovich, Meyerhold and (most notably) Mayakovsky collaborators; and Tschichold a correspondent. Léger and van Doesburg were met in Paris, but communication suffered for lack of a common language. He met his lifelong companion and collaborator Stepanova as a student; they lived for a year in Kandinsky’s apartment.

Alexander Rodchenko knew…