Theodor Adorno

Theodor W. Adorno

1903 (Frankfurt am Main) – 1969 (Visp, Switzerland)

He met his most important future colleagues, Horkheimer and Benjamin, while still a student; Benjamin especially becoming a close friend. Horkheimer helped him get a job in the US, where he worked (and clashed) with Lazarsfeld. Habermas became Adorno’s post-war student and then colleague. Berg (with whom he studied composition) and Schoenberg (a strong influence) were both friends, as were Brecht, Goodman, Lang and Scholem. He collaborated on a book about film music with Eisler, brought his musical knowledge to his friend Mann’s ‘Doctor Faustus’, and wrote to Beckett disapproving bare-breasted student disruption.

Theodor Adorno knew…