Pierre Duhem

1861 (Paris) – 1916 (Cabrespine, France)

Duhem published ground-breaking work in the history of science, made a substantial contribution to the philosophy of science, and did important work in mathematical physics. Hadamard was met as a student and remained a firm friend. Poincaré examined Duhem’s doctoral thesis (after his first one had been rejected — Duhem’s own talent for making enemies was outmatched by Berthelot’s shameful obstruction of his career), and remained a respectful colleague and correspondent. Mach was a significant correspondent and influence; Perrin looked up to Duhem, Curie disagreed with him about Maxwell, and Pasteur ignored him.

Pierre Duhem knew…

  • Pierre Curie
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Ernst Mach
  • Henri Poincaré
  • Jacques Hadamard
  • Jean Perrin
  • Paul Painlevé