Luciano Berio

1925 (Oneglia, now Borgo d'Oneglia, Italy) – 2003 (Rome)

Berio won a scholarship to study with the influential Dallapiccola in the U.S., where he also connected with the electronic music pioneers Ussachevsky and Leuning. He founded an early electronic studio with Maderna; researching ideas for it, he first met Stockhausen in Basel, and again in Darmstadt, where he also met Boulez, Ligeti and Kagel. Milhaud invited him to teach in the U.S., and Boulez to run an electro-acoustic studio in Paris, while he himself invited Cage to work in Italy, Cage’s Fontana Mix resulting. Berberian was married to him, Eco a lifelong friend, and Reich and Andriessen among his students.

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