Alfred Stieglitz

Alfred Steiglitz

1864 (Hoboken, N.J.) – 1946 (New York)

Both Helmholtz and Hofmann taught him before he turned to photography. His accomplice Steichen (with Kasebier, Coburn and White, a fellow-member of the breakaway Photo-Secession group) took him around to Stein’s to see the Picassos and also introduced Marin to him. O’Keeffe married him and was his great artistic companion; Marin, Dove, Hartley and Strand were the other artists he remained close to as well as supporting in their lives and careers. Duchamp had him photograph his urinal, Picabia helped him with his journal, Ray was encouraged by him, and Adams and Grosz were among those he exhibited.

Alfred Stieglitz knew…