Aimé Césaire

1913 (Basse-Pointe, Martinique) – 2008 (Fort-de-France)

Senghor, met on his second day studying in Paris, took him under his wing, becoming a great friend. He said meeting Breton a few years later in Martinique was as important: Breton and he exchanged poems for their respective reviews for several years. He was Fanon’s inspirational mentor and friend, Glissant perhaps also being taught by him (accounts differ.) He founded one black literary review with Damas and Senghor, another with Alioune Diop, Niger and Tirolien, and yet another with Ménil and Maugée. Soyinka was met at a literary conference in Dakar, while Leiris was a close friend in Paris.

Aimé Césaire knew…