Théodore Rousseau

1812 (Paris) – 1867 (Barbizon, France)

Rousseau was a leading light in the group known as the Barbizon school, seen as direct precursors to the Impressionists. Daumier (who spent summer holidays at Rousseau’s), Daubigny and Millet were also active in this circle, though Millet — Rousseau’s closest friend — worked outside its immediate concerns, as did Corot, another close friend. It seems likely that Rousseau, who split his time between Paris and Barbizon, knew both Baudelaire (who wrote about him) and Delacroix (who met with him at least once). Gautier, friend and correspondent, called him a ‘remarkable conversationalist.’ He resisted Sand’s scheming of marriage to her adopted daughter.

Théodore Rousseau knew…