Johann Joachim Quantz

1697 (Oberscheden, Germany) – 1773 (Potsdam)

Zelenka and Fux taught Quantz in Vienna. During two years in Italy, he met both Scarlattis and befriended Farinelli; he also met Vivaldi, something of a hero to him, though Quantz’s own promotion of the flute may in turn have influenced Vivaldi. Weiss travelled to Prague and Berlin with him. In London, he met Handel. His good friend Hasse may have got his post in Dresden partly through Quantz’s influence. In his years at Frederick the Great’s court, C. P. E. Bach was a long-term colleague; he also met J. S. Bach and Voltaire, and the musicologist Burney in the last year of his — Quantz’s — life.

Johann Joachim Quantz knew…