Dieter Roth

Diter Rot;Dieter Rot

1930 (Hannover, Germany) – 1998 (Basel, Switzerland)

The uncategorisable Roth is best seen as an enthusiastic one-man-band (with an irreverent mixed-media practice and much collaboration). He met Gomringer in the early 1950’s — they co-founded a magazine. Spoerri was a close friend for life — Roth met Broodthaers through him. Tinguely was another significant friend; his attitude to form led Roth to his own idiosyncratic methods. Beuys got Roth a teaching post, Kagel enlisted him in celebrating Beethoven’s bicentenary, Paik was the only buyer at his first show. He disliked Maciunas, and collaborated with Hamilton (till death), Brecht, Export and Higgins.

Dieter Roth knew…