Torbern Bergman

Torbern Olaf Bergman;Torbern Olof Bergman

1735 (Katerineberg, Sweden) – 1784 (Medevi)

Bergman, who made important advances in the systematic analysis and chemical classification of minerals, and on stratification, is less widely-known than he might be, his work being published neither in Latin nor (for the most part) in English. He studied with and became a colleague of Linnaeus, whose ideas influenced him strongly. He followed his correspondent Priestley in making carbonated water, and was described by another correspondent, Werner, as cool-headed and sharp-minded. Guyton translated him into French, and Withering (for once) into English; Elhuyar, Gadolin and most notably Scheele were among his students.

Torbern Bergman knew…