Sigismund von Neukomm

Sigismond von Neukomm

1778 (Salzburg, Austria) – 1858 (Paris)

Neukomm (a somewhat marginal figure in musical history) studied first under Michael Haydn and later under his brother Joseph, becoming friend to the first and confidant to the second, who called him his ‘beloved pupil.’ He did a lot of arranging for Joseph Haydn, and had a tomb erected for him. It’s thought he had no direct contact with Mozart, though many factors connect them (including that Neukomm taught his son). The peripatetic Neukomm visited Zelter in Berlin, knew Cherubini in Paris, and propagated Mozart’s and Joseph Haydn’s music in Brazil. Lamartine, Moscheles and Mendelssohn were all friends, though Mendelssohn disparaged him as ‘Altkomm.’