Roger Vitrac

1899 (Pinsac, France) – 1952 (Paris)

Vitrac met Crevel, Arland and Limbourt on military service; together, they founded a literary review. Breton and Aragon were among Vitrac’s surrealistic circle of friends; Éluard and Boiffard co-wrote with him the preface to the first edition of ‘la Révolution surréaliste.’ Artaud and he, defecting from Breton’s orbit (having quarrelled with him), founded a short-lived theatre company together. Becoming one of Bataille’s associates, Vitrac contributed to his review ‘Documents’, and co-signed a polemic directed against Breton. He wrote a critical study of de Chirico’s work, and referred to the more successful Anouilh as his ‘spiritual brother.’