Jan Ladislav Dussek

1760 (Čáslav, Bohemia, now Czech Republic) – 1812 (Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France)

Dussek has been described as an unjustly neglected composer, whose works anticipated later romantics (including Beethoven). As a young man, he met C. P. E. Bach (perhaps taking lessons from him). Haydn wrote from London to Dussek’s father, praising his son; he later lent Haydn his piano. Da Ponte rented Dussek and his father-in-law’s shop to store his 12,000 books, but found himself saddled with their debts. Dussek also met Cramer and Clementi in London, and gave some lessons to Onslow. Spohr (a friend originally met in Hamburg) and Goethe joined in Dussek and his Prussian patron’s spirited festivities.