Edward Shils

1910 (Springfield, Mass.) – 1995 (Chicago)

Shils was famously extremely private, and biographical information including about acquaintanceships is relatively scarce. He collaborated on a book with his friend and colleague Parsons, and wrote an essay about the monarchy with Young. Dedicated to transatlantic discourse, he enticed Aron and Momigliano (a great friend) to teach in Chicago, and helped Chaudhuri, whose uncompromising attitudes he greatly respected, move to England. Among university colleagues, Szilard was a friend, while Bellow, whom he had mentored, based three thinly-disguised fictional characters on him, testing his patience to breaking-point.

Edward Shils knew…

  • Leo Szilard
  • Raymond Aron
  • Arnaldo Momigliano
  • Michael Polanyi
  • Michael Young
  • Nirad Chaudhuri
  • Saul Bellow
  • Talcott Parsons