Dizzy Gillespie

John Birks Gillespie

1917 (Cheraw, S. C.) – 1993 (Englewood, N. J.)

Gillespie met Parker through a Kansas City friend, and then in Hines’ band. They were close friends and immensely influential collaborators, though polar opposites as people, this leading to their eventual split. Eldridge, a formative influence as a trumpeter, played with him later in life. Christian was an early accomplice; Davis had been met in Eckstine’s band. Monk was an important musical colleague, the two trying things out together. Gillespie played in Hawkins’ band, producing some of the earliest bebop recordings. Roach was a key member of the Gillespie/Parker quintet, and with Mingus of a later Gillespie quintet.

Dizzy Gillespie knew…